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OZ ARMOUR 3 Layer Mesh Ventilated Beekeeping Suit With Fencing Veil


🐝 PROTECTION WITH VENTILATION - Our beekeeper suit is made with a 3-layer fabric mesh that allows air to circulate around your body while protecting against bee stings.

🐝 REDUCED RISK OF STINGS - Compared to traditional cotton suits, OZ ARMOUR  maintains a protective barrier against bees. Our veils feature a patented insert within the hood, which distances the mesh from your face.

🐝 EASY TO WEAR - Our suit has leg-high zippers that allow easy wearing and removal. The velcro and elastics on the ankles and wrists allow adjustment for your comfort, and the veils easily attach with zippers.

🐝 DURABLE & LONG-LASTING - Designed to last for years, our suit’s hoodis made of strong metallic mesh, industrial-grade material with rayon reinforcement for the pockets and knee pads.

🐝 Australian Brand, 12 Months Warranty

Ever wonder why your beekeeper suit isn’t effective at protecting you from stings?

Beekeeping is a fun backyard hobby that can progress into a lucrative business. You can produce honeybee products and provide pollination services to crop farmers.

It does have its own share of challenges, however, like keeping yourself protected against bee stings. All beekeepers, even seasoned ones, get stung. And while there are many protective suits available on the market, some bees can still sneak a sting through them.

 With its non-cotton material, the Oz Armour Beekeeping Full Suit guarantees no bee stings!

This sting-proof beekeeping suit set includes a three-layer mesh suit, two choices of veils, and a pair of cowhide gloves.

Other suits are made of cotton, which clings to your skin, increases internal temperature, and makes bee stings possible. In comparison, the mesh in our suit keeps you cool by allowing air to circulate, and better protects against stings.

 Fencing veil or folding type has high visibility mesh, plus, a removable hard-plastic strip on top of the hood keeps away the mesh from your face, providing added comfort and protection. They are designed to easily detach and attach to the suit.

 Here are other reasons you’ll prefer Oz Armour over any other beekeeper set: 

✔ 9 sizes to choose from: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, XXX-Large, 4X-Large, 5X-Large, 7X Large

✔ We use only durable YKK zippers

✔ Machine-washable (the detachable hood is better washed by hand)

Keep yourself fully protected while caring for your bees. Add the Oz Armour Beekeeping Full Suit to your cart TODAY!