Frame Wiring Kit

$207.00 NZD

Supersaver, Save more than $30
This pack includes

1- 1000 Eyelets

2- Stainless Steel Wire roll 250 Grams

3- Wire Tensioner, Material: Stainless Steel Heavy duty European style
Wire tensioner is used to provide tension to lose frame wire.
Placed on the completed wire, grip tight, then pull along the wire, it will crimp the wire and tighten in one movement.

4- Eyelets insertingĀ  Tool

5- Wire Embedder
The wire embedder is used to secure a thin layer of foundation wax into each timber frame.
At least four strands of bee wire are threaded across the frame, then the frame was laid flat, with the wires on top of a layer of foundation wax.
The embedder is then used to push the wire into the wax.
For the best results, but the foundation sheed on inside the slot of the wired beehive frame.

Dip theĀ embedder into hot water and roll over the wire, please put a support under the foundationĀ 
Length:145mm Weight:31g

6- Wiring Bench Steel