PINK OZ ARMOUR 3 Layer Mesh Ventilated Beekeeping Suit With Round Hat Veil

$219.99 AUD

Optional Gloves

  • PROTECTION WITH VENTILATION – Australian Brand OZ ARMOUR beekeeper suit is made with a triple-layer fabric mesh that allows air to circulate around your body while protecting against bee stings.
  • REDUCED RISK OF STINGS - OZ ARMOUR maintains a protective barrier against bees.
  • Patented Hood Design: Our veils feature a patented insert within the hood, that keeps the hood nice and deep for noses and glasses
  • EASY TO WEAR – OZ ARMOUR has leg-high zippers that allow easy wearing and removal. The Velcro and elastics on the ankles and wrists allow adjustment for your comfort, and the veils easily attach with zippers.
  • DURABLE & LONG-LASTING - Designed to last for years, our suit’s hood is made of metallic solid Italian mesh, industrial-grade material with rayon reinforcement for the pockets and knee pads.
  • ENHANCED FEATURESYKK Zipper, Double sliders on the leg high zippers and front zippers to easily access the internal pockets and convenient in the bathroom. Reinforced twill tape stitching.
  • With its excellent quality material,
  • Provides best Protection: The OZ ARMOUR Beekeeping Full Suit provides the best protection.
  • Three-Layer Mesh: The thickness of three Layers of mesh fabric keeps you cool and protected
  • Zipper Flap: Flap over the front zipper for extra security
  • High SPI: It essentially decides the strength of our garment. (stitch per inch)
  • Fencing Hood: This suit comes with Fencing Hood with high-visibility mesh
  • The fencing hood opens from the front: Should you need to adjust your glasses or take a sip of water.
  • Overlap Neck Zipper: For your safety, zippers on the neck overlap each other so there is no chance of bee entrance.
  • Nylon vs Brass Zipper: A nylon YKK zipper is smoother and long-lasting than a brass zipper
  • Access to internal Pockets: Double sliders on the leg and front zipper for easy access to side pockets and comfortable in the bathroom.
  • Tape Stitching: Reinforced twill tape stitching for extra strength and for increased suit life